Battlefield 4 Beta

Not design related at all. But one of my favorite hobbies is gaming, especially FPS games. All the way back to CS 1.5 to CS:GO, BF 1942 to BF 3. Holds a special place in my heart, for sure. So ofcourse, fanboy as I am – I got myself a copy of BF 4 (Beta for now, releases at the end of october). Been loving every minute of it so far, despite the various buggs, glitches and so forth (it is a beta after all, and Dice usually delivers on release).

I have a small youtube channel that I post video clips on every now and then and I thought y’all might enjoy this one. A skyscraper collapsing! I was amazed anyway! :D (Do subscribe! haha… )


One thought on “Battlefield 4 Beta

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